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One place for all your cases

All of your legal engagements on your fingertips. No piles of paperwork to sift through. Intuitive case histories, hearing updates and notes.

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Seamless calendar & agenda sync

Stay on top of your work with two-way calendar sync and daily agenda updates. Spend your time focusing on what matters.

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One-click client updates

Keep clients engaged and at ease by sending hearing updates with just one click. Add hearing notes to keep everybody in the loop.

Cut through the clutter.

Focus only on what’s important with a minimal approach to work. But when you need to dive deeper, it’s all there.

Designed from the ground-up as the world’s simplest case & law practice management tool.

Store information seamlessly and sync your calendar so you are on top of your agenda, from hearing notes, to case proceedings, to work contacts.

Insights into your workload help you optimize your time so that you can get things done timely and stress-free.